LAK’21 Workshop

LAK ’21 Workshop

The LALN lead team will host a half-day workshop at the (online) 11th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK ’21) conference. If you are interested in participating in this session, we invite you to join us! We plan to collect and share any generated materials on this website following the event.

The objectives are this workshop are to:

  • Introduce the Learning Analytics Learning Network (LALN) to the LAK community. LALN is a global network for networked professional
    development. The first events were held in October 2019. While there is some overlap with the existing LAK community, there are numerous regional nodes that are not affiliated with LAK. We expect that many LAK researchers will find value in engaging with LALN for their professional development and also for their students to join a global analytics community.
  • Explore how LALN can best address the needs of the LAK community. LALN is a grassroots, distributed network that connects regional communities. Research topics and tutorials are locally organized. This approach allows ideas to spread bottom-up rather than in a planned top-down approach. As such, a key objective of the workshop is to hear from the LAK community regarding the types of organizational strategies, frequency of events, and related
    networking activities that they would find valuable.

The workshop activities will include a:

  • Presentation on the background of LALN, the challenges of moving research into practice, and the vision, model, and operation of the network.
  • Panel discussion by leaders of local/regional learning analytics communities on the opportunities and challenges for LALN, and how they have built their communities and run sessions.
  • Brainstorming session to explore and detail the needs that LALN can support going forward, including relevant strategies, types and frequency of events, and facilitating networking opportunities.

The sessions organizers are Justin T. Dellinger, George Siemens, Florence Gabriel, Ryan Baker, and Shane Dawson.

If you have any questions, please send us an email!

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